Who's "K?D" Is Coming Through Concord Music Hall?

Bringing his latest robotically electronic tracks to Concord Music Hall on December 8th (Tickets HERE) is DJ and music producer, K?D. After playing his newest and hottest tracks around the globe this summer at various music festivals, K?D found home in his newly released debut EP, ‘Find Paradise.'

Not wanting to stick to one genre in the electronic sphere, K?D uses a wide range of futuristic beats and rhythms in order to create an exhilarating EP. From fast EDM stylings to dubstep beats to psychedelic trance musings, ‘Find Paradise' is for every angle of electronic music lovers. The first track, ‘Electric Memories’, featuring, Mickey Kojac showcases the producer’s signature robotic and screechy sounds. Four tracks later, the EP takes a cryptic ride as a variety of heavy drum and bass turns the song, ‘Tokyo’ into a melodic hardstyle track. Last but not least, ‘Destroy the Universe’ combines fast and hard beats with speed and generates a psytrance sound, reflecting on K?D's taste of futuristic tones.

Not only should you start preparing your ears, but also your eyes. Incorporating bright lights, quick lasers and a series of colorful visuals into his sets on the ‘Find Paradise Tour’, K?D is constantly creating an extremely captivating experience. These aren’t just any graphics though. Illustrating his performances are custom visuals that were created based on his own drawings and inspiration.  

K?D's prepared us a tour, an EP, and now he’s adding even more to the excitement on December 8th. Before K?D’s show at Concord Music Hall with Solstis and Haunted, for one hour only, there will be a K?D Pop Up Shop! From 7:00pm – 8:00pm, ticket holders will get to enjoy this special event. For all attendees, there's a chance to win a $100 digital gift card to the K?D online store. Each guest will receive one raffle ticket upon entering the pop up, plus an additional raffle ticket for every $10 spent as well.

Tickets available HERE.

Written by Mary Connor Cox