Unstoppable DJ Trio, The Glitch Mob Coming to Concord Music Hall

Coming to Concord Music Hall THIS Thursday is the American electronic music group, The Glitch Mob. In May, the trio released their newest record, ‘See Without Eyes’; an 11-track album that wowed the LA beat scene. In addition to ‘See Without Eyes’, the band is introducing the Blade 2.0 on their 2018 World Tour; a custom-made, visually captivating decorated stage that holds all lights and instruments used in a show. The newest invention has allowed The Glitch Mob to take their live shows to an entirely different level; enabling them to incorporate new and different sounds into their shows and deliver strikingly wondrous performances.

But, it doesn’t stop there. If you can’t wait to witness the newest invention, then you shall wait no more. In late September, The Glitch Mob announced the release of their documentary, ‘The Glitch Mob: Behind the Blade 2.0 Documentary’.

The seven-minute film takes you on a ride through the twelve years of The Glitch Mob; from their DIY organization of a band days all the way to their worldwide following. Wanting to perform their music in an even more powerful way, the group decided to partner with Dell Computer Company and Alienware Computer Hardware Company to create the multi-functioning, Blade 2.0. Built by The Glitch Mob, the group also worked on Blade 2.0 with well-known set designer, Martin Phillips, who in the past has worked with artists, Daft Punk, Kanye West and more. Musical storytelling is something that The Glitch Mob works to strongly emphasize. Helping them accomplish this on their newest record, the group teamed up with David Wexler of Strangeloop Studios to bring full visualizations of ‘See Without Eyes’ to life.

The Glitch Mob will be rolling into Concord Music Hall THIS Thursday, October 11th. Don’t miss out on this visually entrancing night with The Glitch Mob’s LA beats. Get your tickets HERE.

Written by Mary Connor Cox