Two Friends Plan Their Chicago Stop at Concord Music Hall

For the last seven years, Eli Sones and Matthew Halper of the American DJ and music producer duo, Two Friends, have been mixing all of your favorite tunes and turning them into hour long tracks. In October, Two Friends released one of their most popular mixes yet, ‘Big Bootie Mix, Vol. 14.’ This hour long mix includes the 1970’s classic, ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean, 90s hit, ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ by Deep Blue Something, some of your favorite early 2000’s hits all the way current music from Kanye West, Maroon 5 and more. Check it out below.

On top of their addictive hour long mixtapes, Two Friends have their own original content as well. On November 30th, the duo released their newest single called, ‘With My Homies’, featuring pop artists JUSCOVA and James Delaney. Contrary to their mixes, ‘With My Homies’ is a 3-minute track

After meeting in the seventh grade, Sones and Halper became great friends. Fast forward six years to 2011, Sones found his interest in music mashups; creating his own music under his then stage name, ‘The Lonely Giant’. Not having much background in music, Sones reached out to Halper about partnering up. Not long after proposing his idea, Sones said goodbye to ‘The Lonely Giant’ and Two Friends was born.   

A year later, the duo temporarily parting ways, heading off to college and starting their long distant relationship. Although they were on two opposite sides of the country, Halper attending Stanford and Sones at Vanderbilt, this didn’t stop them from their music. Midway through college, Two Friends’s remix of Lana Del Rey’s, ‘Born to Die’ hit regular rotation on the SiriusXM EDM radio station – BPM. This was when they realized that Two Friends wasn’t just some project, but that it could end up being a career for them.

Reconvening in 2014, the duo started releasing remix after remix after remix. Having gained a global fan base from their original tracks, they have also received a huge following for their mixes – the 2F Friendly Sessions Podcasts and their Big Bootie Mixes. This dance-pop/progressive house music duo is taking the EDM community by storm.

Don’t miss Two Friends at Concord Music Hall on Friday, January, 25th. It is going to be a night full of music from then and now. Get your tickets HERE.

Written by Mary Connor Cox