The 'Ineffable' Concord Return of G Jones

Electronic mastermind, G Jones rolls through Concord Music Hall for his anticipated return on Thursday, February 21st on "The Ineffable Truth" Tour.

During the two years that he was mastering his album, Jones was also mentally visualizing ‘The Ineffable Truth Tour,’ and how he was going to bring the complex and elaborate album to life. G Jones’s performances not only feature songs from his own catalogue, but also the promise of remixes and even some surprises. Behind the DJ/producer, a bright LED board fills the space and ever-changing visuals takeover. Spinning lights surround the stage and lasers sporadically shoot beams over the crowd. Aside from occasional rays of color and nearly blinding lights, the tone of the production is black and white, similar to the artwork and overall aesthetic for his album. All of these elements will leave you in awe of each performance.

In October, DJ and music producer, Greg Jones released his debut LP, ‘The Ineffable Truth.’ By fusing together different elements of bass music, Jones created an extremely eccentric project that illustrates his own style of music. Touching on dubstep, trap and more, the 11-track album takes you on a journey that is sure to blow your mind.

Voted number 12 on ThisSongIsSick’s Top 20 Electronic Albums Of 2018, ‘The Ineffable Truth’ is some of Jone’s best work yet. Take a listen to G Jones’s hit single off of his newest album; a beautiful track that slowly spins into a world of chaos. This is “Understanding The Possibility.”

Recently proclaimed “a studio wizard” by Rolling Stone and a comparison to “entering the twilight zone” by Billboard, G Jones is not someone you want to miss. Make sure you give the DJ’s debut LP, ‘The Ineffable Truth’ a listen before his show at Concord Thursday, February 21st! We will see you there!

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Written by Mary Connor Cox