Lyrical Lemonade's Hurt Everybody Reunion Show at Concord Music Hall

There have been countless legendary hip hop acts to roll through Concord Music Hall over the years, and now, we've got another memorable one coming through! To hold us over until their Takeover at North Coast Music Festival, the powerful force that is Lyrical Lemonade is taking over for the Hurt Everybody Reunion Show thatís been in the works for a few years.

Hurt Everybody has long been a local favorite and has been a recurring collaborator with Lyrical Lemonade since 2014. With an arsenal of over 100 tracks free to the public, it didnít take long for the group to gather a fanbase throughout the city and country. But it was the release of their 2015 mixtape, ď2K47" that launched them into the spotlight. The 14-track album features a conglomerate of local Chicago artists such as Twista, Mick Jenkins, Twin Peaks to name a few. But just as Hurt Everybody was escalating to the peak of their success, they abruptly disappeared from music altogether.

For three years, the members of Hurt Everybody have been on hiatus without leaving any clue as to why. But now, Hurt Everybody has returned for a one-night reunion show for a legendary night in Chicago. Don't miss as Lyrical Lemonade brings Hurt Everybody for their Concord Music Hall debut and group reunion on Friday, July 20th!

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