You may have listened to pop hits from Nitti and vibed out to SAY MY NAME before but you are in for a new awakening now that these two powerhouses have combined to create SAYMYNITTI. This collaboration is about bringing the energy from 2000s rave music and culture to the present day. 

Having first released music in 2022 together, SAYMYNITTI is one of the newest acts in the scene. Their recent song Can’t Find My Friends speaks to an experience we’ve all had. Getting lost in the music and the crowd, drifting away from the friends you came with and finding new ones. There is a thrill that comes from getting lost in a safe space, roaming until you stumble upon new people down for an adventure. 

Midnight, their most recent song, showcases the essence of a rollercoaster. The track kicks off with an exhilarating house beat and quickly transitions to euphoric lyrics. The tempo speeds up, endorphins are flowing and a fast twist drops you into a fist bumping groove. As this unforgettable track comes to an end, it leaves you wanting more. 

All that’s missing to revive 2000s raves is the big room with bright lights. Join us on July 21st for SAYMYNITTI’s Rave Revival tour. It’ll be the ideal summer night of 2023. 

🎟 https://go.concordmusichall.com/saymynitti