KLOUD’s newest EP BLACK sets nostalgic traps in your mind. It immerses you in dark spaces with thumping echoes down long walls and lights set to a red and white strobe. KLOUD is an ever evolving project. Though KLOUD crafts an array of genres in his production, every live set is hard/dark style  techno. As you listen to BLACK, you enter the void. The music locks you into KLOUD’s robotic, hive mind and provides you with a tempo you can’t help but move to. 

You may have heard KLOUD remix artists such as Apashe, ILLENIUM, + NIGHTMODE. Giving tracks a powerful, chilling tone that insights a sense of danger. The rhythm gets you in a mode to move by adding a sense of urgency allowing you to tune out the world around and zone into the industrial show experience. If you like artists like Unknown Brain, Mickey Vallen, GG Magree, Ezgod, ZHU tap into the world of KLOUD for a fresh take on modern techno. 

KLOUD masterfully ties themes of 90s techno to the current state of human existence. As an AI being, KLOUD stands to represent the fans who listen and experience the dystopian warehouse scene together. In past plays, you would’ve seen fences lining the stage and a fully concealed being mastering the deck. For the upcoming tour, we can expect much of the same low light except now KLOUD has begun taking a more human form. 

Be here when the stop motion comes to life & a unique sequence is born on June 16th, 2023.