Can’t Find The Brakes veer’s its way to Concord on Nov. 13th for some rock music that will never go out of style. Dirty Honey has been seen on tour with the greats like Guns N Roses, KISS, + The Who. Seeped in blues and layered with hollywood glamor these guys are bringing their defiant energy to the big city and you don’t want to miss their show. 

As as the first unsigned band to hit #1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart, this is your chance to catch one of their shows up close and personal in an inmate venue before they are taking over the world. If you didn’t know, now you do. 

On Nov. 3rd they are releasing a new album, perfect for taking the motorcycle out on winding roads where all that matters is a steady tune. This comes just in time for their show at Concord meaning we’ll be some of the first to hear their 2nd studio release live. Dirty Honey has expressed that this release contains some of the most ‘kick-ass, aggressive, badass rock songs’ they’ve ever written. Their show at Concord is guaranteed to be nothing short of high energy rock n’ roll. 

The band wears their inspirations on their sleeve. To be exact, the rock music of the 90s, Guns N Roses and Aerosmith to Alice in Chains and Soundgarden paved the way for a younger generation of rock music lovers to experiment and Dirty Honey is doing just that. They come from humble beginnings, getting yelled at by their dads when they didn’t recognize a Beatles or Zeppelin record. And now they are walking down a surreal road to fame, having to ask themselves ‘Is this real life’. 

Live out the rockstar dream w/ Dirty Honey + Austin Meade on Nov. 11th at Concord Music Hall. Grab your tickets today, Chicago! 

🎟 https://go.concordmusichall.com/dirtyhoney