Concord Artist Spotlight: Solardo

The DJ and production duo, Solardo, will be bringing their warm, high energy sound to Concord Music Hall on December 29, opening for Green Velvet (Tickets HERE)! But before Solardo became the tech-house masters they’re known as today, Mark Richards and James Eliot were on different sides of the music industry.

Mark Richards, formerly known as dubstep producer MRK1, was well known in London from 2002 to 2011. Even though he toured the world and spent a good amount of time performing at US festivals, Richard soon began to tired of making bass heavy music after pursuing it for 12 years. Before meeting Eliot, Richards had never produced a beat of house music, was running low on funds, and was about to give up on music altogether. Richards even signed a published deal with Sony Records, but his heart just wasn’t in it.

After a while, Richards moved back to Manchester where he bumped into James Eliot who had been in the city’s party scene and was known for loving house music. From separate sides of EDM genres, Eliot suggested they start a project together since he had just invested in some studio equipment and Richards had some studio experience. Richards reluctantly agreed and admitted it was his last attempt at continuing his career in the music industry, which he had described as “life-shattering stuff.”

After starting their project, it took a long time to master their art and create their own sound. Then they decided it was in their best interest to focus on social media. If they knew a DJ was into their tracks, they would go across the country to see them play, video that specific part of set, and repost it on all socials. Sharing bigger artists playing their tracks created buzz and that’s how they got their name out so quickly.

Now, the tech house duo has been taking over the world whether it be at small venues or large festivals like Tomorrowland, EDCLV, and even Holy Ship! Eliot’s love for house music and Richards unpredictable passion for techno music has made them unstoppable. They made it an all or nothing deal, and that is what helped them master their sound.

You won’t want to miss grooving to Solardo’s house beats  at the end of this month!
Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Written by Cheyenne McIntyre