Concord Artist Spotlight: Lady Faith

On Thursday December 13th, the queen of hardstyle herself, Lady Faith, will be making her way to Concord, opening for the hardstyle master, Coone (Tickets HERE) on December 13th! But don’t let that fool you. Lady Faith is much more than just a supporting act, she brings her unique stage presence and her heavy, hardstyle mixes where ever she goes.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Lady Faith grew up in an Iranian traditional household where there were both strict roles for women specifically and a strict government. Because of this, parties and music were prohibited with exception of a very small group of singers who were men.

So how did Lady Faith become the hardstyle diva she is today with so many restrictions set in place? Well, after several attempts at leaving Iran, Lady Faith succeeded and was ready to let her free spirit fly! And where does every free spirit fly to when chasing their music dreams; they go to Los Angeles.

After landing in LA, it didn’t take long for Faith to embrace the EDM culture, and it didn’t take much longer for her to be discovered by top EDM agent, Leo Corson. Quickly, she went from just another DJ to opening for Sin City Massive.

Since getting discovered, Lady Faith has played several large EDM festivals including EDCLV, TomorrowWorld, Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape Psycho Circus, and more! Her sound is a mix of jubilant and dark, which brings an emotional segment to all hardstyle music, especially with her single PLUR that was released earlier this year.

Faith pushes boundaries, she represents strong and hard-working women in the music industry and her determination to introduce hardstyle is something you won’t see anywhere else.

Start getting ready to see the Hardstyle Queen in all of her hardstyle glory this month as she opens for Coone! Tickets can be purchased HERE.