Break Science at Concord Music Hall

Long before their first time gracing the Concord stage as Break Science, Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch have been recognized for their artistic abilities since their original days in New York. The duo met in their early twenties, sparking a beautiful artistic relationship, and came together for their first musical debut in 2008. From then on, they merged both of their talents in to one making Break Science, Borahm on the keys and Deitch on drums. Break Science is known for their hip hop and funk inspired take on electronic dance music. Each Break Science performance is uniquely its own with Deitch and Lee mashing genres and improvising effortlessly. Don’t miss the return of Break Science to Concord Music Hall this Saturday, April 15th


Break Science comes to Concord Music Hall on Saturday, April 15th with Marvel Years. This 18+ show starts at 8:30pm. Tickets available now HERE.

Listen to some of the latest by Break Science below:

Break Science Band at the Sirius XM Jam ON Studios
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DAD111: Break Science