BoomBox Brings the Funk Back to Concord

Who’s ready for a little house, blues, funk, rock, and a whole lot of soul blast? Concord is! Bringing all of the above to Chicago on on Friday, May 3rd is the groovy, electronic duo, BoomBox!

In October, BoomBox released their fifth studio album, ‘Western Voodoo.’ With an intention to make music that sounds close to anything that you would hear coming out of the speakers of an actual boombox, the duo’s new album, ‘Western Voodoo,’ is a combination of tracks that will make you want to move and groove, all night long. Zion Godchaux and Dj Harry (the men behind the magic of BoomBox) say that this new record is BoomBox’s most musical and diverse, yet soundly wound in respect to that syncopation.

If you want to feel rejuvenated and re-focused, then hanging out with BoomBox on May 3rd is exactly where you should be. ‘Western Voodoo’ delivers revitalizing tracks that you won't be able to get out of your head. Take a listen to “Up Till Now,” the second to last track on ‘Western Voodoo,’ and feel the trickling synthesizers and funky basslines.

We know that BoomBox is going to bring an incredible set, but what should you expect song wise? First and foremost, make sure you start listening to ‘Western Voodoo’ on repeat, that is if you haven't already. Also revisiting the duo’s hit singles and track’s from their other four albums. Godchaux and Dj Harry only have a couple of rules for the evening–the music should be a heavy groove and it should make you want to move. So get ready to move, y’all!

If you haven't had the chance to see BoomBox live before, you're in luck. They will be returning to the Concord stage on Friday, May 3rd. Get your tickets HERE!

Written by Mary Connor Cox