Boogie T Returns to Concord Music Hall, This Time With BOOGIE T.RIO

On Saturday, March 16th, our favorite riddim master, Boogie T stops by Concord Music Hall for the ‘BOOGIE T.OUR’ where we’ll get a full night of EDM and future funk!

Born and raised in Louisiana, Boogie T has always been one for the music. He started playing piano when he was 6, guitar at 8, and even got his first recording program at just 11! Years later, he’s touring and working on music day and night. While Boogie used to be all about the blues, he’s now the amazing EDM artist that we know today. His latest single “Money” that dropped earlier last month is a contagious dubstep track you’ll definitely want to hear! 

Boogie T has shared his eccentric sound of dubstep and riddim at various festivals including Bass Ship, Imagine Music Festival, and Dancefestopia all in 2018! With 2019 fest season coming up, we’re excited to see where else he’ll appear at. His music is passionate and knows how to get the crowd hype. Working with many other producers from Ganja White Night to Subronics, Boogie T has made a name for himself. His perfect blend of styles and sounds make his dirty bass tracks hard to not play on repeat.

Over the years, Boogie T has been incorporating more elements into his music. After adding vocals, guitar, keys, and drums into his live sets and recorded releases, Boogie T is taking things a bit further as he brings some old friends with him this time around! Along with his original DJ set, we’ll also be seeing the Boogie T.Rio take the stage for a live band set on the Boogie Tour. Bring on the funk!

Come out to Concord on Saturday, March 16th for a night of dubstep, funk and everything in-between with Boogie T.Rio (DJ Set + Live Band Set) with special guests Mersiv, Steady Flow, and Vampa! 

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Written by Mary Connor Cox & Cheyenne McIntyre