Artist Spotlight: Cody Jinks

Country fans, it’s your turn to take over the dance floor. On August 22nd, Texas-native Cody Jinks is stopping by to give us a night that we will certainly remember, because this will be one of the first country shows at Concord Music Hall.

Jinks has been touring his latest album, ‘Lifers’ since it’s release back in 2018. He’s been all over the country, playing shows everywhere for his dedicated fans, who have declared their fan group’s name to be ‘Flockers’. But before all of this, Jinks had a sort of unique musical background. After being taught some musical skills by his father, Jinks started a Metal group called ‘Unchecked Aggression’, which stayed together until 2003. After they broke up, Jinks took some time away from music, but by 2008 was releasing music under the country genre.

Jinks gives an honest, vocal-heavy declaration of loneliness in his tune "Must Be the Whiskey," which is just one of the many tracks that makes ‘Lifers’ is an album that sticks with you. Take a listen with Jinks' way of smoothing things out with his laid back voice and easygoing guitar riffs.

To get ready for the show, make sure to check out Jink’s older work as well, including his 2015 release, ‘Adobe Sessions’ which includes gorgeous duets between Jinks booming voice, heavy drum beats, and smooth guitar melodies on tracks like "Loud and Heavy."

Joining Cody Jinks this August is another Texas-native artist, Sunny Sweeney! Sweeney has been giving us her soft take on country music, with heartfelt tracks like "From a Table Away." Check it out.

Between his dedicated fans and his infectiously easy-going energy, Cody Jinks' Concord debut is going to be nothing short of excellent. Get ready for the August 22nd show with this setlist from when he performed in Milwaukee this past May.


  • Must Be the Whiskey
  • Mamma Song
  • David
  • Vampires
  • No Words
  • Been Around
  • Big Last Name
  • Head Case
  • Somewhere in the Middle
  • So Far Away (Dire Straits cover)
  • Can't Quit Enough
  • I'm Not the Devil
  • Somewhere Between I Love You and I'm Leavin'
  • Chasin' That Neon Rainbow (Alan Jackson cover)
  • What Else Is New
  • I'm Over You (Keith Whitley cover)
  • Fast Hand
  • Holy Water
  • No Guarantees
  • Lifers
  • Cast No Stones
  • Hippies and Cowboys
  • Rock and Roll
  • Loud and Heavy

If you still haven’t gotten tickets, you’re in luck! Tickets are available and you can get them HERE!

Written by Madison Smith