Demons & Wizards Bring Their 'First & Last' Tour to Concord

The history of Demons & Wizards is a rich one, seeing as they were formed for the purpose of mixing two unique sounds. Before there was Demons & Wizards though, there were perhaps demons, and yes there were wizards, but they were not yet joined by the ampersand. Now, those forces join as the theatrical metal side project of Hansi Kürsch and Jon Scahffer comes to life on tour for the first and last time ever at Concord Music Hall on August 28th.

Back in the mid 80’s, vocalist Hansi Kürsch founded Blind Guardian, originally named Lucifer’s Heritage. They've released several albums since, focused on medieval fantasy and mythological tales. And through that sound, Kürsch is known for his unique style of voice dubbing on each track. To get a sense of what Kürsch will be bringing to the table, check out Blind Guardian’s latest release, ‘Live Beyond the Spheres,' which was released in 2017 and features live performances of songs such as "Mirror Mirror" and "Nightfall."

The other half of Demons & Wizards and the individual behind the band’s magic is guitarist Jon Schaffer. After moving Florida at the age of 16 to pursue his musical career, Schaffer started a project called The Rose that eventually took on the name Iced Earth. Check out Iced Earth’s latest EP, 'Enter the Realm,' which is a release of the band’s original recordings from back in 1989.

Kürsch and Schaffer had been long time friends, and in 1998, decided that bringing their sounds together, thus creating Demons & Wizards. Since their beginning, Demons & Wizards have released two albums; a self-titled album in 1999, and Touched by Crimson King in 2005. They then took a break to pursue the the sounds of their individual bands. In a 2017 interview, they confirmed that they were working on the third album, and that they would be touring the music that they currently have released in places that they haven’t before, including North America.

Get you ready for an intensely awesome night, listen to the groups’ latest release, a remaster of some of their greatest tracks like "Fiddler on the Green," and "Heaven Denies."

Also joining Demons & Wizards on August 28th is glam metal group Lizzy Borden and Tyr, a folk metal group from the Faroe Islands. The group has been around since the early 80s and are known as an influence in the glam rock scene. Tyr has also been a part of the metal scene for a long time, as they formed in 1998 and have release eight albums since 2002.

Between Hansi Kürsch’s epic vocals and Jon Schaffer’s natural ability to absolutely shred, Demons & Wizards is a band that you will not want to miss, especially on this special tour. Don’t forget to grab tickets while you still can, they’re selling fast.

Written by Madison Smith