Ziggy Alberts Travels To Chicago For Concord Debut

Australian singer and songwriter, Ziggy Alberts is bringing his soulful acoustic coastal-folk music to Concord Music Hall on June 27th for his ‘Laps Around The Sun World Tour.’

Upon his high school graduation, Alberts was 16 years old and had a plan to attend college to study either dentistry or engineering. However, his parents thought that it was time for their son to pursue a more artistic journey. For a graduation present, they gave Alberts his first guitar and told him that it might be time to explore songwriting. For Alberts, the rest was history.

One year later, Alberts got his guitar and hit the road; playing his music down Australia's East Coast. The next five years were nonstop music for him. In 2012, he released his first EP, ‘Feels Like Home,’ and co-founded his own record label called, ‘Commonfolk Records.’ Alberts put out his debut studio album, ‘Made of Water,’ in 2013 and spent the next year or so touring. But, it was only the beginning for this Aussie. Over the next two years, Albert’s released his second studio album, ‘Land & Sea,’ he put out his second EP, ‘Four Feet in the Forest’, an EP that highlights certain social and environmental issues, and he bounced around Australia for his 44-date ‘Start Over Summer Tour.’

After releasing six singles between 2017 and 2018, five of which would be on his most recent album, Alberts released his third studio album, ‘Laps Around the Sun,’ in November of 2018. A heartfelt request to love, Albert’s delivers a beautifully captivating song about self-love and love being reciprocated. Take a look at the music video for the official leading single off of, ‘Laps Around the Sun;’ this is ‘Love Me Now.’

If you haven't yet listened to ‘Laps Around the Sun,’, stop what you're doing this instant and check it out. What is a metaphor about the rotation of the Earth, this album is one that you will not be able nor want to get out of your head.


Get your tickets now for his show at Concord Music Hall for when he stops by on his ‘Laps Around The Sun World Tour,’ on Thursday, June 27th with special guest, Garrett Kato. Tickets available HERE.

Written by Mary Connor Cox